True Crime New York City Download Pc Game

True Crime New York City Download is a simulator game. It is also known as True Crime Game, We have provided you with its Control Configuration, System Requirements and Features to make sure it don’t trouble you while installing and Playing.

True Crime New York City Download Pc

True Crime New York City Download has plenty of improvements in contrast to its predecessor. And you can now gain access to plenty of buildings such as markets, resorts, apartments, clothes stores and pharmacies and gasoline channels etc.. It’s possible to store unique items from various outlets.

True Crime New York City

True Crime New York City PC game begins with Marcus Reed taking charge of his father’s criminal empire while he has been busted. A couple of years passed and a friend of Marcus betray him. He’s nearly killed with his dad but is rescued with the support of a NYPD detective and officer Terry Higgins. Higgins being the near chap of Marcus’s dad attempts to cover up the criminal actions of Marcus. However, some years after Marcus Reed is the NYPD officer himself operating under Higgins. Higgins has been killed and FBI is included inside that is requesting Marcus Reed to figure out the mole involved with the murder of Higgins. Now the game starts and Marcus must find out who’s the mole in their positions involved with Higgins murder. Also Play Emily Want To Play Download Full

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True Crime Game has two potential end. That will depend on your operation. One might be the bad ending where the mole will figure out how to escape. And at another rather satisfying ending that the mole is recorded. The graphics of this game are amazing and like from the last version this match also offers a bonus around that you are able to play in the conclusion of the game. You may Also Like Spintires Free Download

true crime nyc

True Crime Game System Requirements and Features

True Crime Game is one of the best Crime games and needs to be installed with right requirements to enjoy fully graphical views. Below are the requirements of the game. Get also Zombie night Terror Download Free

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM: 512MB of Ram
  • Space: 2GB of Hard Disk


  • Place in the Gorgeous areas of New York.
  • Can gain access to plenty of buildings.
  • Should obtain the mole inside your positions.
  • Beautiful images.
  • Featured two endings based on the functioning of the player.
  • Bonus around comprised.

True Crime New York City Full Game Download

Below is Torrent link to True Crime New York City Download for Pc, Link is tested and in working condition. Inform us if having any trouble.

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